What is the Role of Adrenal Cortical Extract?

adrenal cortical extract

A low libido is the most common complaint among men and women who are undergoing treatment for male or female sexual dysfunction. This is called the early effect of this hormone called androgens and is produced by the pituitary gland in the body. The amount of this hormone usually reaches its peak at the age of 20, after which it begins to decrease gradually.

A possible cause for the decrease in libido can be the pituitary disease or an underactive neurosteroid production. Hence, there are certain medicines that can help the patient with the high libido and that is the adrenal cortical extract.

As we know, sex hormones (including testosterone) play a vital role in the physiology of the body. Estrogen is a female sex hormone and plays an important role in maintaining the health of the reproductive system.

There are certain androgens which are also known as sex hormones. The adrenal cortex, an organ found in the central nervous system, is the only place where these sex hormones are synthesized in the body.

This organ contains one part androgen which is essential for the production of sex hormones. In males, the principal part of the pituitary gland that produces this hormone is the hypothalamus. However, for the female of the pituitary gland is responsible for both the hypothalamus and the adrenal cortex.

Certain diseases and medical conditions like diabetes can lead to the development of endocrinopathy. When this happens, the pituitary gland fails to produce the hormone and consequently the body fails to respond to the hormone. On the other hand, low libido can be due to the failure of the pituitary gland to make the hormone.

The pituitary gland produces two major groups of sex hormones called testosterone and estrogen. This can be due to the deficiency in any of the two, or if the pituitary gland is not producing enough of either of the hormones.

When the hormones are produced in the pituitary, there is a balance between the production of the sex hormones and the effect of the other hormones such as androgens on the pituitary gland. These hormones then act to balance the sexual differentiation of the body, which is the process through which the genes of the body determine the sex.

This balance can be disrupted through certain causes like the absence of the pituitary gland, a tumor, injury or some other illness. In this condition, the patients usually suffer from low libido and this is known as the male factor. If there is no sexual desire and this affects the function of the sexual organs, there will be erectile dysfunction and therefore it can be termed as the female factor.

This may also affect the menstrual cycle, fertility and many other aspects of the body. The pituitary gland is the only way in which the sexual differentiation of the body can be maintained.

It is not possible to cure the low libido with the use of medicines, but by increasing the amount of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland can respond to the changes caused by the hormones and thus restore the normal function of the sex organs. There are some herbal medicines which are known to help with this condition.

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