Hickory Ridge Surgery Center

The H.R. Hickory Ridge Surgery Center is one of the newest additions to the largest and most renowned medical center, Virginia Mason. The staff at the Medical Center are very professional and courteous, and always very friendly. The medical care provided by the Medical Center is a very good value for the money spent.

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The medical team at the Hickory Ridge Surgery Center offer many services that do not really have other alternatives. Medical insurance is relatively inexpensive and the overall price is not high. Also, the work force at the Medical Center is not too large, so many of the staff can help you with any questions you may have. The surgical staff at the Medical Center can even perform most of the procedures themselves if they are not done by an orthopedic surgeon.

Although you will not have to be physically in the office, but you can call the facility on your own computer or ask for the assistance of a member of staff. The staff will take you by the hand to help you with any questions you might have and to walk you through the recovery process after the surgery.

The majority of the employees working at the Surgery Center are all women. Most of the employees are over forty years old and many are nurses. The medical staff is very concerned about each patient's quality of life. They strive to provide the best possible care, and do everything they can to keep patients as comfortable as possible after surgery.

One of the major challenges of operating an operation center like the Surgery Center is to have a staff that actually gets out and about to see the patients and their families. The majority of the staff members are the head and shoulders above the rest of the Medical Center's staff. There are several ways that you can get the most from your time at the Medical Center.

Another feature of the Medical Center is the Internet. There are several departments within the Surgery Center that have access to the Internet and are well-equipped to offer you fast and easy access to the internet. The entire medical center offers free website access with secure forms. Other departments offer additional web access.

One of the best features of the Medical Center is its two thousand square foot wellness center. This facility is home to the sport and exercise programs of the facility. You can sign up for a workout course, learn how to handle stress and take a well-rounded fitness program.

In addition to the wellness center there is also a performance enhancement program available. You can enroll in a professional tennis coach or join a dance class for adults or children. These programs are available for membership and you can book the class for your convenience.

If you wish to stay in a small town, but wish to get the best medical treatment at the lowest cost, the Medical Center is the place to go. There are multiple physical therapy offices, dental services, a cardiology center, and many other doctors, health and wellness specialists, and clinical labs that provide better health care than most communities in Virginia.

Medical treatment offered at the Medical Center includes laparoscopic (chemotherapy) surgery, bypass surgery, cardiac and kidney surgeries, gastric bypass surgery, lung cancer surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, bone grafting and in vitro fertilization. Many of the patients who come to the Surgery Center are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Because of this you will find that the Medical Center is equipped to handle all pregnancies from the very beginning until the child is born.

For several hundred dollars you can spend your vacation time at the Medical Center. The employees at the Medical Center are very professional and courteous, and always very friendly. The Medical Center offers medical care that is the best in the area and very affordable.

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