Latoya Sharp

BS Biology 2015, Research Option Healthcare Consultant

I am currently working as a Healthcare Associate for Huron Consulting Group. I help hospitals, healthcare systems, and university medical centers become more efficient and keep up with the ever-changing culture of healthcare. Through my career, I'm able to improve the quality and culture of healthcare in our communities.

The dynamic curriculum of the School of Biology has prepared me for my career in healthcare. I always knew that I wanted to help others through healthcare and science but I was not always sure how. The diverse array of courses offered in the School of Biology helped me discover how I could use my strengths to help others through a career in healthcare.

My Advice:

Take advantage of the amazing faculty in the School of Biology. Believe it or not, the Georgia Tech School of Biology is home to some of the brightest and most innovative faculty members in the world. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table in their own way, which combines for a very well-rounded staff that will help cultivate whatever passions you discover you want to pursue during your time at Tech. Additionally, I would encourage everyone to get involved with extracurricular activities while at Tech. Being involved with clubs and organizations brought me some of my favorite memories. They will no doubt enrich your experience while in school.

Something that has always fascinated me about the field of biology is how much potential it contains. There are always new depths to explore with biology; ones that the students and faculty in the School of Biology dive into every day. Use your time at Tech to explore all the potential Biology offers. Lastly, be proud of being a biologist at Tech! Embrace the amazing faculty, electives, and research opportunities the school offers. You will miss spending time in the BioTech quad and the Biology labs once you graduate (I promise)!